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Posted on 13 June 2024

Creating a place that you can call home: The real benefits of Extra Care

Dovestone Gardens is Calico Homes’ and Burnley’s first purpose built extra care housing with the care to be provided by Syncora Care. It is set to provide much needed housing as Burnley faces a substantial growth in the number of older households over the next 16 years.

Retirement housing including extra care makes up for 2.6% of homes across the UK and these numbers are only going to get larger due an increase in the older population across the UK. Yet for many, there continues to be a stigma attached to the idea of living in care, not just for the individual but for family members as well.

However, the reality can often be very different to the perception many face, Extra Care can be a place of meaningful activity, interaction and connection where people feel part of a community with a sense of value and purpose. As of July 2022, 83% of adult social care services were rated as good or outstanding.

We want residents to be happy in the place they call home, that’s why we have been holding regular consultations on what potential residents want from Dovestone Gardens.

At Dovestone Gardens, our aim is to create a welcoming, vibrant environment where people feel energy and a sense of purpose within the wider community and here is how we will do it.

  1. “Care is only for people who are very ill”.

Dovestone Gardens is extra care housing for people aged 55 and over with varying care needs. Extra care housing is slightly different from a traditional care homes.

Extra care allows you to keep your independence and privacy whilst living in your own secure home. There will be a mix of people with all different needs with access to 24 hour support from carers. Additional support in extra care is personalised to meet your needs if they change over time and care and support packages can be reviewed at any time.

It is completely up to individual on the care provider they choose or which GP surgery or other healthcare and wellbeing services they wish to register with.

We know how important it is for people to keep their independence, that’s why have communal facilities and meeting places to enjoy with others from in and outside the residence.

  1. “Residents stay inside and have to give up their normal lives, it can be quite lonely”.

There’s no denying that moving into extra care housing requires adjustment. However, the idea of residents staying behind closed doors is a strongly held myth, and the reality is very different.

Residents are supported to move freely through the many communal spaces of their home, to travel, and to maintain any activities or relationships they had before they moved into their home.

Dovestone Gardens is a bus ride away from Burnley town centre, providing great transport links for those looking to get out and about more.

On-site, we have a resident’s lounge where residents can sit and relax with neighbours at Dovestone Gardens as well as various seatings areas across the building.  There is also a garden area for residents to take in the sun, sit in the shaded area or be involved in the gardening.

We also have an activity room for daily games, crafts and exercises where residents can be involved as little or as much as they like and there are always activities on offer to support all abilities, likes and dislikes.

If you don’t end up meeting the criteria and don’t get an apartment immediately at Dovestone Gardens or if you stay in your own home, not to worry, you can still be part of our community. With our activities room and retirement lifestyle team onsite, you can be a part of daily activities at Dovestone Gardens to meet new people, create friendships and be part of our wider community.

  1. “Extra care homes are very clinical and hospital-like”.

Dovestone Gardens is a modern, purpose-built residence designed to meet the needs of everyone living there. Ever since we announced the development of Dovestone Gardens, we have been speaking to customers about what they want.

Dovestone Gardens is a brand-new development with specific designs to increase natural lighting throughout the building. Residents can also decorate their own rooms to give them a personal, homely touch and make it their home from day one.

All apartments are built and decorated to a standard specification but residents can choose a colour scheme to suit their style. When residents move into their apartments, they will be digitally ready on arrival with a BT connection in the building. Residents will also have the option to sign up individually for other TV providers and install their own Wi-Fi if required.

  1. “The food isn’t very nice and nutritional in care”.

When you think of meals provided in a communal setting with care, what comes to mind? Bland, uninspiring meals that do little more than meet basic nutritional needs? This common perception has persisted for years, leading many to believe that moving into extra care housing means sacrificing the joy of good food. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

At Dovestone Gardens, we have an onsite Bistro located on the first floor open to residents and the local community. We aim to create a welcoming and vibrant social space which goes beyond a place that is just somewhere to eat but a place to interact, socialise and take part in wellbeing activities.

Potential residents have been vital in shaping what the Bistro has to offer at Dovestone Gardens. Following feedback, the Bistro will be open for breakfast, lunch and tea with the service provided at set times. There will also be a range of food offering including high quality traditional food with the offering of a takeaway or room delivery service.

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