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Posted on 18 June 2020

A step closer to normality

Social Distancing Visiting Facility

While the rest of the UK begin to see lockdown restrictions lifted, care homes still remain on high alert. At our last family Zoom meeting, we were pleased to hear that our families support our continued lockdown in a bid to reduce the risk of covid-19 entering our home and shared the feeling that it would be too soon to begin re-opening our doors for visits.

That being said, we recognise how difficult this has been for our residents and their friends and family. With the general public now able to move more freely, we’ve been looking into a way of facilitating family visits.

With this in mind, we have decided to build a summer house in the courtyard and adapt it to be able to provide a pleasant environment for residents and their families to meet. It will have separate openings for the resident and for their family, a Perspex screen separating the two groups to provide the protection needed and we will be considering how many visitors we can facilitate at once when it is in situ.

We realise the benefits this will have on resident wellbeing and are eager to put this into place. However, we must ensure its safety but will work on this as quickly as possible. We estimate that by the next Barley Buzz, it will be in place and will have started being used.

As a side note, the project to landscape the field at the back of Barley View and provide a hub for residents and the local community to enjoy, is still in progress.

New Menu

Our lead cook has been speaking to our residents and assessing their dietary requirements to produce a new fortnightly menu. Mealtimes are a very important part of our residents days as are their dietary needs so making tasty and nutritious food is of a top priority for our kitchen team and changing the menu as seasons change helps provide variety to mealtimes. Here are some of the new dishes that have been incorporated into the new menu:

  • Aromatic Chicken
  • Homity Pie
  • Lemon Chicken
  • Ocean Pie and Prawns
  • Jaffa Cake
  • Manchester Tart
  • Iced Spice Cake

An email with the new menu was recently sent out and we got plenty of great responses and some valuable feedback. Thank you for your assistance with this. If you have not received this or would like a copy then please contact Gemma Dailey

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