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Posted on 24 July 2020

A welcome treat for residents

Our activities team have been busy personalising entertainment for our residents. A lot of our residents are big animal lovers and have been missing contact with pets during the pandemic. Our manager has four beautiful King Charles Spaniels, who are the gentlest, most lovable and softest dogs to stroke you can imagine. All dogs were washed thoroughly before entering the home to ensure infection prevention. Belle, Blossom, Bonnie and Betsy were huge hits with our residents, and we had a few tears of happiness and a lot of smiles!

We also have a couple of gardeners in our community and our staff often bring in plants that need some TLC and rescuing! It’s lovely to see this interaction between staff and residents, a real caring for each other and valuing each other’s gifts. We are hoping to see some tomatoes, courgettes and peppers in our garden over the next few weeks!

New government advice has meant a rapid overhaul of our face mask policy this week. But, we’re already fully up to speed and have it covered (pun intended).

Outdoor visiting plans are in progress and we will be sharing further information about this at our Zoom meeting on Monday and a letter to families. Please contact our team on 01706 659917 for your family invite link.

Our summer house arrived earlier this week and construction is well underway. We can’t wait to share some updates and photos once it’s all built and ready for visitors.

A dog sits on the lap of an elderly resident
One of the dogs getting pampered

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