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Posted on 13 May 2024

Celebrating 67 years of Maureen and Roy

The year was 1957. Sputnik 1 was launched, becoming the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth. The Gold Coast was renamed Ghana after becoming the first African state to become independent of Britain. It was also the year Roy and Maureen said ‘I do’.

After so many years as man and wife, Maureen thought their anniversary would ‘lack some cheer’ but thanks to Roy and the staff at Barley View, the couple managed to celebrate their 67 years together in style.

The self-confessed ‘match made in heaven’ were treated to a surprise romantic meal for two. The table was adorned with rose petals and confetti, with balloons and decorations to add to the celebratory feeling.

Maureen said: “Roy greeted me with chocolates and flowers and in the window, a beautiful table laid for two. The attention to detail must have taken some fretting”.

She continued: “It was easy to see that so much care had been taken to make things so perfect. I was brought close to tears by the love that was shown.”

Kind words to say ‘thank you’

To say thank you for making their day so special, Maureen wrote and performed a heartfelt poem for all the staff at Barley View who helped make their special day even more perfect.

Inspired by their kindness, Maureen’s kind words included: “Roy and I would like to say thank you for all you do – from the office, to the laundry and the kitchen too. The staff made our anniversary a very special day. They shared their love, kindness and care in a very special way. So much is done for each person in Barley View. All your efforts are noticed, and we wish to say thank you”.

Barley View carers always go above and beyond for residents, celebrating every moment and milestone in the diary. From birthdays and anniversaries to calendar events like Easter and Valentine’s Day, there’s always something going on to help make every moment special.

Not only that, but residents are also treated to regular activities and events to bring fun to Barley View, including yoga mornings, choir club, walking club and of course – bingo.

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To arrange a virtual or physical tour of our home, please give us a call on 01706659917  or email

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