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Posted on 12 October 2020

Looking on the bright side – World Mental Health Day

On Saturday, we celebrated World Mental Health Day.

With everything that is going on, Isolation and Loneliness cloud our minds and we forget the good times. I personally feel that, since our first lockdown this year, we have really come together as a nation.

From clapping for carers, all the fantastic gifts and donations (we are still wearing the chocolate and cake on our hips!) to socially distanced street parties on VE day and rainbows in windows.

We really have a knack of adding silver linings to everything!

So, today at Barley View we are celebrating all the things that make us happy, the things that get us out of bed in the morning and even just our little guilty pleasures!

Even if it is just for one day we will put all the bad behind us and focus on the good. We will eat biscuits and drink the lovely chocolate milkshakes we’ve grown very fond of and we will sing shamelessly to the ABBA cd we’ve got on repeat. We will tell jokes and pull silly faces and we will CELEBRATE a day that is so important, this year more than ever before!

Enjoy our “what makes us happy” photographs. And smile x

Natasha (Senior carer and Staff blogger!) The Calico Group

Resident holding a sign showing what makes them happy

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