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Posted on 20 April 2020

Messages of support for isolated Barley View residents

Following the closure of their home, residents at Barley View have received a wave of supportive messages from staff at the Calico Group. With visiting temporarily on hold, the pen pal scheme aims to keep loneliness at bay by drawing people together.

Given the vulnerable nature of its residents, managers decided to close Barley View to visitors on the 19th March. Since the closure, the Group have been quick to ensure both the safety and spirits of residents are maintained. Staff have spared time to pen cards or letters for residents, sharing updates, pictures and even motivational poetry.

SafeNet Domestic Abuse and Support Services has also partnered with Barley View to implement a pen pal scheme, drawing very different services together to develop mutually beneficial exchanges.

Relatives and friends are being supported to maintain contact with residents through alternative methods. Residents at Barley View are embracing technology, utilising video call software to maintain daily interaction with loved ones.

In addition to combating isolation, Barley View have acted quickly to limit the risk of infection among residents. Staff and resident temperatures are taken and monitored regularly throughout the day. Residents are getting into the spirit of keeping safe, competing with staff to  complete the temperature rounds first. Phone support has taken a prominent role within the home, with external health professionals providing distance support where possible.

The drastic move to close Barley View to visitors was taken in light of revised guidance from the Government. The updated advice states that those at increased risk should closely follow social distancing measures. Those at elevated risk include those with underlying health conditions and those over 70, underlining the necessity of measures Barley View have taken to protect residents.

“The Group is dedicated to prioritising our elderly residents to ensure we continue to provide upmost care and support. Barley View management and staff are focussing now more than ever on ensuring our residents receive messages of love in a creative and fun way and that we promote wellbeing and laughter for our residents, in a time of adversity and challenge”

Nicola Crompton-Hill

Director – Health, Care and Wellbeing, Calico Group

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